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Cane Kiosk

  • A standard tip comes with each graphite, aluminum, and I.D. cane. If you prefer a roller or teardrop tip, or if you need a replacement standard tip, you'll find them all right here.
  • Image: Folding I.D. Cane
    Thin lightweight 7-section graphite cane; a favorite with people with low vision. Tucks away quickly in pocket or purse. In lengths up to 60 inches.
  • Image: folding aluminum cane
    5-section budget-conscious cane from Revolution. Quality construction; comfortable premium grip. Highly reflective and visible in low light. In lengths up to 60 inches.
  • High-quality lightweight 5-section folding graphite canes from Revolution. Long-lasting; extremely durable. In lengths up to 60 inches.